About Us

   LAMINAS Sp z o.o. was established in February 2000 as a result of the fusion of the two the biggest satellite dishes producers in Poland, namely LAMINAS s.c. and Satellite Dishes Department of Z.H.U. OTIS. It continues the best traditions of both ventures. The experience taken from different market areas resulted in quality improvement and extension of the product range.

   Our main products are large satellite dishes made of glass-epoxy composites. They can be equipped with electric de-icing system. This built-in heating system is our unique solution, widely used in professional installations.

   Laminas dishes work successfully in various locations ranging from the Far East to the Caribbean and from the tropics to polar areas. We are exporting to many countries dealing with transport issues.

   Know-how to design and manufacture microwave aerials makes LAMINAS ready to face the most sophisticated challenges on the field of our expertise.

Business Hours:

Monday to Friday

9.00 - 3:00pm CET